The trouble with disobedience

We are about a month away from a formal end to the ‘terrible twos’ and it looks like the latter has reared its ugly head for one final, grand, curtain call. (Or so I hopefully think!)

Before heading out into the mosquito-infested neighbourhood park in the evening, I make it a point to swathe the toddler with an insect repellant.

Well, actually two versions of it — one a herbs-based spray and another a commonly known and used cream.

The toddler has been told many a time that the cream and for that matter ALL creams are not meant for tasting or eating.

Most times, the toddler shows reasonable acceptance of the rule.

Today, overjoyed at having a young girl at home as playmate, she decides to act up, about everything.

So she tastes the insect repellant despite being at first requested and then asked and then told not to do so.

My problem with chronic disobedience from a toddler is that the very rules they want most to break result in pretty dangerous consequences to their health and well being.

I have now and then considered a different tack — what if I let her taste and gulp the said repellant which would inevitably lead to acute vomiting if not also other symptoms — I am left facing with not only the unfortunate scenario of having let my child fall sick but also dealing with the not good or fun consequence — of dealing with her becoming a patient and that a whiny, demanding and yes also, deeply disobedient one.

What would you guys do?

Is there a cure for chronic disobedience?

Does it just end, at some time, magically?