Fury and peace

Outside that exploding moment of undiminished fury you can feel when accosted by a blatantly unfair proposition, whether by those who you count on knowing better or by those you have no expectations anymore of, is an incredible and unbelievable settling. An acceptance that one had to measure up to the occasion of injustice and feel with every single cell in one’s body the indignant anger that one feels and yet also soon after let it pass.

It doesn’t come quickly. Or easily. But it comes. And then you can be awash in the knowledge that both were necessary. If provoked or called to battle there is no turning away or turning back. And yet once done, one can rearrange the rough edges, sit down in the creaking vintage rocking chair, put on some music to tap your feet to, smile indulgently at the little girl who is coloring, and the uncomplaining mum who is bringing back order to a stack of clothes in disarray and think everything is alright after all. You can wake up the next morning and greet the day without bitterness, fear or anger. And go to sleep thinking I am thankful for all there is to love.

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