Sifting through spiel

When you sift through a spiel of words, ruthlessly plucking out the worthless and needless; keeping and refining and making razor-sharp what communicates, illuminates and makes sense, you get a feeling that you are somehow involved in something much bigger than just that task at hand – that you are – in fact – often enough, discovering yourself – stumbling upon hardly known but deeply held values and beliefs about what a good life is about – rooting out as you go around, by living your life in all its complexities, unsuspecting shadows and then suddenly and starkly, beautifully sun-drenched moments, the things you no longer want, and holding for keeps, the things you do still so deeply cherish.

Integrity, courage, kindness; the necessarily unhindered ability to laugh (and cry, when needed) and love and give; and funnily in a huge break from the past, take and forgive! The daring to scour through debris to make sure there is no glinting jewel waiting to be better understood or even more urgently, rescued, and yet the acceptance and grace to dust, mop and pack away piles of refuse as needed.

Who could have thought an entrenched love for what one does could suddenly unexpectedly throw new light on living?


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