Some of the greatest injustices are done unsurprisingly insiduously; to assert a sense of dominion and sense of entitlement over things and people one often considers one’s property.

And some of the worst of these acts of injustice are committed on those who are visually, physically, emotionally and psychologically the most vulnerable and dependent: young children.

In being mother of a young daughter, I have found it imperative to arm my girl with the unquestioned certainty that she is not under any obligation to do anything that she is not comfortable with in any way (barring of course having to eat, sleep, be safe and if possible courteous and kind to herself and those around her).

And although that has meant her being at times excruciatingly particular about what she is comfortable with, when, where and with whom, I think it is exactly the sort of deeply embdedded, fearless approach which will go a long way in breaking down thousands of years old notions of what is acceptable and what is not; what needs to be tolerated and what need not ; and what sets of roles, expectations and behaviours the two genders can enscribe onto each other in various equations, inside and outside the family.

I couldnt be prouder that she is only 3 and a half years old and already has such a nuanced sense of situations, relationships, people and places.

While of course still being a goofy, funny, lovely and loving little girl.


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