Sickness and health

In an extraordinarily candid and courageous ‘coming out’, the celebrated British comic actor, Stephen Fry, talks about how his experience and struggle with extreme mood swings as a result of a bipolar disorder, led him on one occassion to take his life.

He also says something that gets under your skin about his being a victim of his own moods – and that its not ever ‘a reasonable thing’ – a state that you can be ‘talked out of’ – but something that is just there to be dealt with and often successfully overcome with regular and well managed medication.

Mental health, for all the advancement in our times, is still a subject that is by and large taboo for its intimate connections with one’s sense of self and one’s belief in one’s possibilities.

And yet, it could only help those struggling with complications from mental health issues and those whom they closely interact with or live with to know, talk about and learn more about why some of us behave, react and respond to life’s many layered dilemmas and challenges in markedly special and unusual ways.


2 thoughts on “Sickness and health

  1. Too true… The day we start to think of bipolar syndrome or depression as cold, pneumonia and malaria would be a wonderful day indeed… But since we have stopped thinking of small pox as a curse, there’s hope.

    • But I guess there will always be a lag in so far as depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental health issue is harder to pack away as an ailment of the body – the way we think of most other illnesses…

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