The unlikely beauty of being sick

Indigestion is a minor thing. Until it is not. It isnt too hard to see why even the slightest irritation to the body’s fine systems for ingesting and processing food must be severely compromised if you have to be out and about in the heat for some time, especially without cover, and when it is at its very worst in the early afternoon.

And so of course, there is prolonged discomfort, pain, nausea, the successful culmination of nausea, the emptying out of all that one has had by way of food or drink and then just when you think you cant take any more a creeping fever that keeps your forehead quite hot while chilling your extremities – your hands your feet.

Although my GP has told me I should use a paracetemol if there should be a fever, to help an already struggling body, I half decided to not do so and to just lie listlessly and wait and see how my body would feel.

It probably lasted for less than an hour but it was the most fascinating study of the body’s own incredible ways of dealing with a problem. The fever had beat me down to lie helplessly on my back, the nausea and throw ups before had left me feeling trembly and powerless so I decided to just give in and see.

After an hour, that went by in near delirium, there was the relief of sweat and suddenly I felt a tad better.

It is no wonder why mystics and meditating experts ask for a patient watchfulness during illness – it sure taught me the virtue of giving in, in order to recover, regain strength and get back up, eventually, on my feet when I was ready for it.


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