Wordless connection

I’ve been reminded in the past few days of the question of closeness with another human being. It reminds me of how driven I was to ‘find’ it as though one can ever find such a thing, nearly throughout my late teens, and all of my 20s – in a way that now makes me think that nearly everything I ever did in those years was all undershot by this singular quest.

And what an all-consuming, exhilerating and deeply involving quest it was. The past tense because ever since motherhood has struck (!) there has been no time or energy to even remember other or previously engaging exxperiences, relationships, responsibilities.

But watching a moving video (http://zengarage.com.au/2013/03/marina-abramovic-and-ulay/) of a brief reunion of two artists who were former partners (and are now in their 60s) makes me think that that kind of deep connection is up there as a human experience – no matter how infrequently one may feel it, no matter the circumstances around former partners’ lives that obstrusts or delays the possibility of experiencing that connection again, wordlessly, silently, in a bubble that is fundamentally private and theirs.


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