Perfect timing

I overheard a dear family friend saying that a middle aged, domestic worker from Bengal, who was looking for work as a full time house keeper in Delhi has found a home with one, elderly lady willing to pay her a handsome fee apart from boarding and lodging.

We too had met the woman in question but had told her that we couldn’t possibly employ her without knowing much about her background and without having a strong reference from someone we know.

But she did seem nice: gentle, clean and sincere. All attributes one is looking for when thinking of having someone to help around at home.

But either we didn’t feel compelled to bite the bullet or she sensed a lack of urgency on our part.

And both our decisions to not be with one another led her to the job she wanted at a fee she would have preferred to what we would have offered and with fewer people to be responsible for.

So often, with regard to so many different professional and personal situations, we are told by close friends that something didn’t work out for a good reason.

But at the time when we are given this counsel we are ready to holler and say — “you dont know a bloody thing about how it feels! I want this sorted NOW, on my terms, right away, at this very moment!!!”

And of course that is not what happens.

With the benefit of hindsight, I am now prepared to accept that for as long as one chugs along doing whatever it is one is responsible for doing, and does it in sincerity — things, people, relationships, work, money and everything else does fall into place.

Much slower than one would expect and often not exactly as one may have imagined but nicely enough.

And yet its not as though you can sit on a deck chair with a book on your lap and wait for stuff to sort out.

You do need to remain in the race and do your bit, and preferably without cynicism or irony.

And for that, the universe, as a dear friend says, rewards you, exactly when you need it most, little gifts of unforseen joy.


3 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. Never-the-less I long for and fantasize about an old family retainer – one who will ply me with chai and pakodas when I return after a long day at work, who will tut-tut about my lack of appetite and generally mother me without overwhelming me!

    • oh lovely thought — id love that too of course, but where are they hiding these days?? if/when you look, ask for a double and then I shall move to your charming city : )

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