“What can one say of what one loves?”

When I think back on my days as a student, especially at university, the most vivid memmory is of time passing very slowly.

And one of my favourite pastimes was to pick up books outside the prescribed syllabus — especially fiction — and especially books by James Baldwin.

I haven’t read anything by anyone else that comes close to his scathing, searing style and yet his works are also of course replete with the most sensuous, passionate and tender reflections.

One of my all time favourite quotes from his works is:
“What can say of what one loves, except say it over and over again that one loves it?”

How hopelessly, helplessly simple is that. And how could anyone say it any better?!

I have found many an occasion to revisit that one line and each time it seems to throw on my situation or thought at the time a new, startlingly refreshing meaning.

No wonder that great literature endures across generations and speaks to and touches anyone willing to remain open to its powerful revelations.

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